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Radio Scarborough prides itself on being at the heart of Scarborough's community, and engaging with it. We produce shows that entertain, without the constant interruption from advertising. We cover differing genres of music, interviews, drama and comedy, so you’ll find something for you.

Many of our presenters are locals too, enabling us to understand what people in Scarborough and across the Yorkshire coast want. We strive to be the number one 'go to' radio station for locals, or just people who are interested in our town. As an Internet radio station you can listen wherever you are in the world.

For the Radio Scarborough team community is a two-way street, and we have been actively involved in outreach work in the community, as well as offering opportunities at the station for you to get involved in what we do. From radio play submissions, to our new 'So You Think You Can Sing?' open auditions. We are grateful to local businesses for their financial support in helping us provide a social hub for our local community and for our wider community, across the Yorkshire coast, and across the globe.

With our expansion into the newly refurbished Market Hall looming, we’re excited at the prospect of obtaining our FM licence in 2017.

Have a look at our programme schedule to get a good idea of the diverse shows we have to offer.


Find previous shows online at our MixCloud page. For catch-up shows of individual presenters, go to the presenters page where we have links directly to their shows.


Andy B - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Andy B

With over twenty-five years broadcasting experience under his belt, Andy B is a welcome addition to Radio Scarborough's presenting team.

Françoise Pascal - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Françoise Pascal

Since childhood, my world was filled with music. My father loved Sidney Béchet, and you could say that I was brought up on Jazz and classical music. My brothers were into pop music, and particularly loved Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard. I am talking now of the 50s and very early 60s.

Dave Ward - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Dave Ward

My journey to music began in the (ahem) very early eighties with the band; The Incurable. I then formed Blow by Blow with two other members of The Incurable, and released an EP. We were quarter finalists in Search for a Star in the late eighties and attracted attention from various music producers before disbanding in the early nineties with life pressures forcing us to get full time jobs!

Paul Spencer - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Paul Spencer

The Paul Spencer Show. Sunday's, 2pm-4pm. Paul interviews fascinating Scarborough folk on a weekly basis, unearthing their ambitions, histories and passions, complete with a few tunes of their choosing.


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