Who they are, what they play and why

Andy B - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Andy B

With over twenty-five years broadcasting experience under his belt, Andy B is a welcome addition to Radio Scarborough's presenting team.

Dave Simcox - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Dave Simcox

Dave was born in Scarborough, a long time ago, and has played in local bands since he was 13. A member of Coasters, Panthers, Purple Mist and many others over the years. He recently had a long playing session with Dave Bagnall and Ron Daniels in a band called Alf.

Dave Ward - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Dave Ward

My journey to music began in the (ahem) very early eighties with the band; The Incurable. I then formed Blow by Blow with two other members of The Incurable, and released an EP. We were quarter finalists in Search for a Star in the late eighties and attracted attention from various music producers before disbanding in the early nineties with life pressures forcing us to get full time jobs!

Françoise Pascal - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Françoise Pascal

Since childhood, my world was filled with music. My father loved Sidney Béchet, and you could say that I was brought up on Jazz and classical music. My brothers were into pop music, and particularly loved Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard. I am talking now of the 50s and very early 60s.

Honey Boy - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Honey Boy

Honey Boy is a soul survivor. He started what is generally acknowledged as London's first ever dedicated Jazz Funk night, in the basement bar of The Albany on Great Portland Street back in 1976 and went on to work with some of the biggest names in Soul Music.

James 'Fergie' Ferguson - Radio Scarborough Presenter

James 'Fergie' Ferguson

Head of Daytime Programmes

Hey I'm Fergie. I cover the daytime shift, 10am till 2pm! Come and travel through all the various genres of music, both you and I, know and love! I also converse in local goings on.

John Bentley - Radio Scarborough Presenter

John Bentley

John Bentley was born in Hull and was mentored on bass at a very young age, by Spiders From Mars legend, Trevor Bolder. John went on to join Squeeze and played bass on the bulk of their hits. He has been a member of Squeeze for a total of 14 years, making him their longest serving bassman.

Lee Hare - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Lee Hare

Lee 'The Industrial' Hare presides over an eclectic mix of Alternative Rock, Metal, Industrial, Post Punk and Goth with a plethora of sub genres to boot.

Mark Sinclair - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Mark Sinclair

Having done a mobile disco, worked in Ibiza, worked in holiday parks, and cruise ships for 7 years, I had the desire to want to do radio, and present shows. From Radio school in Newbury with Bruno Brookes and Neal James, and completing a performing arts course in Scarborough from 1993-1995. I ventured into TV on several well-known SOAPs and doing voice-overs.

Richard Pearson - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Richard Pearson

Station Manager

I worked in network radio and TV, before sloping off into semi-retirement. Then I was rudely awakened by being handed the job of Radio Scarborough Station Manager.

Ricky Clarke - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Ricky Clarke

Ricky is the presenter of the weekly (Almost) Acoustic Show, and a former resident of Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby.

Rick has loved music since he was around 8 years old when he was bed-ridden for a week with just an old Dansette record player and a pile of rock 'n roll 78s to keep him company.

Tim 'n Tom - Radio Scarborough Presenter

Tim 'n Tom

The TimNTom show first graced the waves in early 2015, and is dedicated to bringing the most up to date, irrelevant chatter, silly anecdotes, and most fundamental rock music to the ears of the Scarborough public. Tom stumbled across the prospect of a career in radio whilst trying to get drunk at university.

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